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National course, fine & metric threads & grades.
Slotted, phillips & other drives available in aluminum, brass, stainless & zinc coated steel

  Round, pan, pan sems, oval, flat (82° & 100°) & hex head screws Stainless 18.8, 316, zinc plated. Metric grade A2, A4 & zinc plated
  Binding, fillister, pan, sems & truss head Stainless & zinc coated steel
  Hex & hex washer head screws  
  Torx & tamper-resistant screws  Stainless & zinc coated steel

National course, fine & metric threads & grades

  Socket head cap screws Alloy grade A574, 18-8 & 316 stainless steels, nylon,  alloy F835, metric alloy grade 10.9, A2, A4, stainless
  Flat head cap screws Alloy F835, 18-8 stainless steel, metric grade 10.9, 316, A2 & A4
  Button head cap screws Alloy F835, 18-8 stainless steel, metric grade 10.9, 316, A2 & A4
  Shoulder screws Alloy Grade A574, 18-8 stainless steel
  Hex cap screws      US Grades 5, 8, 18-8 & 316 stainless, nylon, brass, metric Grade 8.8, 10.9, A2 & A4
  Ferry head cap screws (12 point drive) Grade F835, 18-8 stainless steel
SET SCREWS National course & fine, metric threads & sizes in alloy, plain & 18-8 stainless steel
  Socket set screws

Cup, cone, full/half dog, flat point. Oval, brass, nylon-tip or patch

  Square or headless (slotted) Cup point
BOLTS (see also cap screws) Zinc plated (yellow in grade 8), galvanized*
  Carriage bolts Grades 2*, 5* & 18-8 stainless steel
  Construction bolts  Grade 2*, A325*,  also see hex cap screws
  Drive line bolts   Grade 8
  Elevator bolts  Grade 2*, zinc plated, 18-8 stainless steel
  Eye bolts  Drop forged or turned-machine head*
  Hanger bolts Zinc plated steel
  Hex bolts - (see also - cap screws) US grades 5 & 8. 18-8 & 316 stainless steel, metric grade 8.8, 10.9. nylon, brass
  Lag bolts, hex lag screws Grade 2, 18-8 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel
  Plow bolts    Grade 5
  Square head bolts Grade 2
  Step bolts    Alloy, zinc plated
  Tap bolts (fully threaded)    Grades 2, 5, zinc plated

National coarse & fine. Metric grades, threads and sizes

  Acorn (Cap) nuts For grade 2, 18-8 stainless steel, brass, nylon
  Castle & slotted nuts For grade 2
  Coupling hex nuts For grade 2, 18-8 stainless steel
  Finished hex nuts For grades 2*, 5 & 8, 18-8 & 316 stainless steel, nylon,
brass, metric sizes A2 A4 stainless
  Flex, kep, nylock lock Grade 2, grade 8, 18-8 stainless steel
  Heavy hex nuts Grade 2
  Jam & small pattern Grade 2, 18-8 & 316 stainless steel
  Square, wing, tee, flange for grades, 5 & 8 18-8 stainless steel nylon
  Stover nuts Grade C
  Countersunk lock Zinc plated & stainless steels, brass
  Fender washers Zinc plated & stainless steels, brass, neoprene
  Flat washers Zinc plated & stainless steels, brass, nylon or copper
  Split & star lock washers Aluminum, zinc plated steel, zinc plated alloy steel & stainless stees, brass
  Hardened washers SAE J489 spec. steel for grades 5 & 8 bolts
ALLTHREAD - Threaded rod

National course, fine & metric threads & grades

  Threaded rod & studs B7, aluminlum, zinc plated, 316 & 18-8 stainless steel, nylon, brass - right hand, left hand
ANCHORS POWERS® & others in hardened & other steels & materials
  Expansion anchors   Power-Bolt®, Power Stud® Set-Bolt ™, Lok-Bolt ™
  One Step Anchor Bolt, stud, Spike®, nail-in & drive-ins
  Bolt anchors Steel & hollow set drive-ins, calk-ins & sabre tooth
  Screw anchors  Lag shields, plugs & fluted plastic & screw-lead
  Hollow wall anchors Toggle bolts, rawly, Lok/Bolt™, polly-toggle, dropins
  Hanger & ceiling anchors Rod hanger wedge & Lok/Bolt™, Spike® & tie wire
SHEET METAL SCREWS Phillips & slotted, self-drilling & tapping points
  Flat, pan, truss, round & oval 18-8 stainless & zinc coated steel
  Hex & hex-washer head 18-8 stainless & zinc coated steel, Aluminum
  Torx & tamper resistant 18-8 stainless & zinc coated steel
  Teks 410 stainless & zinc coated steel
WOOD SCREWS Phillips, slotted & square drive + sheet metal screws
  Deck & drywall screws Black oxided alloy, 316 & 18-8 stainless steel, & Woodex®
  Flat, round & oval head Stainless and zinc plated steel, brass
RIVETS, POP All aluminum, steel, stainless steel or in combination
  Round & hex spacers Aluminum, brass & stainless steels & nylon
  Cotter pins 18-8 stainless & zinc plated or plain steel, brass
  Dowel, roll (spring) pins 18-8 stainless & alloy steel
  Taper pins Alloy, only
JACKSCREWS Zinc plated steel, nickel plated, stainless steel
AU-VE-CO® Complete Catalog line of more than 25,000 Automotive Fasteners.
ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC FASTENERS: Connectors; Captive screws & connection hardware. BUSS, XCELITE, MOLEX-ETC, KESTER & QUICK CABLE.

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