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Regulation Expertise

Domestic & EU Requirements

Understanding todays complex regulation requirements

Our staff has the regulation expertise needed in todays complex fastener industry, including REACH compliance, RoHS and RoHS 2 Compliance, Conflict Minerals and the Dodd-Frank Act.

Classes Required for the CFS Designation:

•    Fastener Specifications & Terminology
•    Understanding the Bolted Joint
•    Dimensional & Material Specifications
•    Fastener Quality Assurance
•    Fastener Testing
•    Fastener Manufacturing Plant Tour
•    Fastener Secondary Processes Plant Tour

The Specialty Tool Ltd. Management Philosophy of Quality Assurance includes:

Proper use and identification of standards as applied to fasteners
outlined in a 20 page manual prepared jointly by the FEIG, IPI & NFDA.
Appendices I through VII including “Suspect Head-stamp Markings”.

Fastener Quality Act, P.L. 101-592 Nov. 16, 1990.
Enforcement standards for delivery of fasteners represented to meet various
Consensus Standards.

1. EU Regulations which apply to Manufacturers shipping to the EU
    a. RoHS and RoHS-2,Weee and ELV
    b. REACH
2. Other non-“consensus standard” regulation
    a. Dodd Frank rules on Conflict Minerals
    b. DFARS 252.2255-7014 Preference for Domestic Specialty Metals

REACH Compliance

RoHS COmpliance

Conflict Minerals and the DOdd-Frank act logo



pdf download idconREACH Compliance Policy pdf downloadRoHS and RoHS 2 Policy pdf downloadConflict Minerals Policy

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