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Product Pricing and Availability

Commodity costs can fluctuate daily, so publishing the BEST PRICES online is not possible. That’s why we prefer to do business personally, like we’re right next door!

Enquire about our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) also known as BIN SERVICE

Just CALL or CLICK HERE to email us what you need and wewill help with price and availability on any size order.

You'll feel we're right down the street whether you're around the county or around the world. Choose from one of 40,000 in stock items or special order most anything.

We've been serving Santa Barbara, Southern California and Everywhere from our warehouse and showroom in Goleta, California, USA for 50 years! We've been successful supplying industry and individuals with fasteners, tools & industrial supplies because we Specialize in PERSONAL SERVICE.

CALL: 1-800-SBBOLTS (722-6587) to contact your personal Specialist!

Or use our email form for the same individual service, whether you need one or thousands.

Callers outside the USA please use: 805-968-3581


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